Time Range -> Override relative time

It can be set override relative time as “now-1h”. And it’s using correct time range (last 1 hour) for “Quick ranges” such as Last X hours.


If it’s used a custom time range then we’re moved at the end of
the selected period.


How to show the current value of a metric despite a selected time range?

I have the same bug: when you choose a time range with the mouse in a panel, all panels are overrided by this time range, even those set with a “Override relative time” like “Last 1 hour”. This should not happen!

I have the same bug

Isn’t a bug!! Is feature!!!

What is the purpose of this feature?
I could not understand the possible purpose of this, since when defining a fixed period in a component I mean that I expect this behavior independent of the dashboard filter. When would I use this?

This is very useful when you want to analyze a period smaller than what is configured in your panels.
Or also when the period is longer and you want to see a long-term behavior.

Like the others posted, I consider this not a feature but a bug :).
When I define a fixed time range in my panel. I surely want to see that exact time range all the time and not any other time range that I select in the dropdown :). Is there an option to disable that for a panel?