Time base line graph does not show the correct values and dates

I am new to Grafana and was able define a couple of power measurements gauges connected to MariaDB (MySQL). I am trying to generate a time based graph now, but the result is not what I expected. The database is build via LAMPP (Apache2, MariaDB etc.). The table which I want to be displayed contains two fields power (power in Watt) and date_measured which is a DATEMTIME field in MariaDB. For example 2023-4-14 12:05:49. I use the “time base line” graph and it shows me a dotted line graph which is ok, but the x and y axis values power and date time do not match.

E.g. Graphic Single point
15:12:39 1,426
15:07:03 941
contents Maria DB
15:15:49 724
15:10:13 825.6
15:04:37 1,016.4

If I display the values in table view of the graph I see that the date times are 2 hours later and the same as the time dates of MariaDB minus 2 hours.
Table view graph.
17:15:49 724
17:10:13 826
17:04:37 1,016

The UTC is default dutch, UTC + 2, I do not think it matters but the source is from another laptop server then the Grafana Laptop. System times of both are the same.

I expect that the points on the graph are exactly the values of the MariaDB.

I have seen many problems with dates, but not a specific solution for this problem.

The version of grafana 9.4.7.
The OS is Ubuntu 22.04.