Datetime, Timestamp, UnixTime, Grafana won't show graph


know this item has multiple threads, but I can’t find the basic configuration.

My issue: Grafana get’s right data, they are 2hrs ahead and so (I assume) Grafana don’t draw a timechart series.

In other mysql databases on my server it’s working fine, but not in the new one. Now, I like to understand, how to setup database, table and column.

The trick with select Unix_Timestamp () doesn’t really work. After reload, or having two selects, the graph is missing again.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for creating this issue, @AndreM

are you using the mysql datasource plugin that ships with grafana? the community cannot help you if you do no share moredetails, like your grafana version, your query, any errors, the datasource you are using, etc :+1: