Telegram Alerting contact point test failed


On Grafana version 10.4.0 added Alerting Contact Point for Telegram bot, using official manual, but on tests sending a test notification, have error - “Failed to send test alert.: failed to send telegram message: webhook response status 400 Bad Request”

In log file I see following lines (log level - debug):

logger=notifications t=2024-04-04T11:59:07.188566646+03:00 level=debug msg=“Sending webhook” url={BOT_TOKEN}/sendMessage httpmethod=POST
logger=notifications t=2024-04-04T11:59:07.359079098+03:00 level=debug msg=“Webhook failed” url={BOT_TOKEN}/sendMessage statuscode=“400 Bad Request” body=“{"ok":false,"error_code":400,"description":"Bad Request: message thread not found"}”

Anyone have any ideas what’s wrong?

PS. “Message Thread ID” in Optional settings require value, despite it’s optional?

Affected by this issue: Telegram "Message Thread ID" is required by UI · Issue #84296 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

Fixed in version 10.4.1

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