Table with host downtime and aggregate of downtime across the farm

Hello friends! I’m using Prometheus and Grafana. I’ve two goals right now. The first is to get a table with a column for the host, and a column of how long the host has been down depending on the time range I’m looking at. With the help of the folks from IRC, I was able to get this query to work, but it only works for a single stat panel:

(1 - avg(avg_over_time(up[__interval]))) * (__interval_ms / 1000)
Option stat set to Total
Unit of time set to Duration (s)
Instant: Turned off

However, trying to apply this same query to a table gives me a column for Time and Value. So, I tried duplicating the single stat column which does work, but seems overkill with these huge blocks for hundreds of hosts.

And of course, once I get this resolved, I’d like to get an aggregate value of all the hosts to see downtime and graph it (I’d like to drill down by customer, region, etc eventually, but that’s in time). Can anyone assist? :slight_smile:

Hi @heydonovan,

I think this panel may be relevant for you. I’m not sure you can get the exact layout you describe, but you can create an array of host status.

Best regards,
Alexandre de Verteuil