Visualizing multiple prometheus datasource queries as a table

I am having troubles visualizing multiple prometheus datasource queries as a table. There are few articles on the topic and of those, the articles are few years old:

And this one looks similar but the PR’s and transforms provided do not match what I want to do:

I am interested in the general topic of aliasing values for the purpose of joining n metrics to create a table , for a correlation of sorts. I wish to join, for example, blackbox exporter metrics probe_success, probe_icmp_duration_seconds and expose the values of probe_success and probe_icmp_duration_seconds as separate fields with the join field being instance and drop any labels that are not relevant to the table… Once joined, I intend to display the resulting table as a Grafana table panel. I think the reason for the failure is because the result of the query is labelled ‘Value’ in both cases.

The closest sql query might look something like:

SELECT S.instance as instance, S.Value as success, D.Value as duration, S.instance as instance
FROM probe_success as S, probe_icmp_duration_seconds as D
WHERE S.Time = D.Time and S.instance = D.instance

Do you have any guidance?

hello, what version is it?

Prometheus v2.21.0 Build 20200911
Grafana 7.1.5

did you try to update

Why? What bugs or features address the issue? In my mind encouragement to upgrade should address issues, or bring something way out of revision in sync with latest. 7.2 has only been out for 10 days now.

Yes, I did upgrade and there was no change in behavior.

do the upgrade x! upgrade

I did the upgrade… There was no change in behavior.

$ /usr/local/opt/grafana/bin/grafana-server -v
Version 7.2.0 (commit: unknown-dev, branch: master)

okay problem resoveld

Please explain. Your help didn’t address the issue I posted.

can you install then the next update

Please explain what you are expecting an update to address.

I am running 7.2.0.

have you tried to downgrade and test all versions? can happen that a funktion brakes

I think I would like to alter the conversation. Please show examples where the desired function works as a how-to. I am relatively new at Prometheus and Grafana. I have only had my environment operating for 2-3 weeks and have had zero prior experience.

The upgrade/downgrade discussion assumes that the functionality I was looking for was present and was somehow broken. I am not convinced that the functionality is there.

you can have read the documentation for your luck, but I belief there no text that says we impement this feature and accept that your feature is corrupt. so you downgrade for test.