Table visualization: show values and time like in Prometheus

Hello. I have such Prometheus query and see such result:

I created a table visualization in Grafana with such query:

(sum by (pod, container, reason) (kube_pod_container_status_last_terminated_reason{pod="$pod"}) * on (pod,container) group_left sum by (pod, container) (changes(kube_pod_container_status_restarts_total{pod="$pod"}[1m])) > 0)[${__range_s}s:]

I choose “Format: Table”, enable Instant, and I see No Data in the table. I tried to change query options etc., but I couldn’t achieve the same result as in Prometheus. How can I get the same result in the Grafana table as in Prometheus?

Are you able to get content from the Prometheus data source at all?

Yes, and the Graph panel with Time series type shows data correctly.

Try choosing the Table visualization type (in the side panel on the right).

When I said Grafana table, I meant Table visualization, i.e. I chose Table visualization too.

In the Table Visualization option there’s something like orientation with 5 or 6 options with doing something by rows or by columns. There’s also Table option there and this is going to match with Table option in the query.

In the Query editor, there is a list where you can select Table or Time series or Heatmap. Do you get anything if you change those options?