Table: Last data timestamp from instance

Grafana v8.0.3 (cae5c5e46b) with Prometheus (not sure which version)

I am trying to create a dashboard table that shows when the last data came from an instance. This is to spot hosts that have gone offline, or missed some arbitrary check-in time frame. The table doesn’t need to be a live view and could use a rollup of 5 minutes or an hour if needed. I am new to Grafana and Prometheus, but have used other monitoring platforms before, such as Splunk and Zabbix.

I have an example of what I want to make:

Current time in exmple 2021-08-01-16:24:20 (ish)

Instance Timestamp of last data from the instance
Instance-A 2021-08-01-16:20:00
Instance-B 2021-08-01-16:19:55
Instance-C 2021-11-27-4:19:59
Instance-4 2021-08-01-16:20:00
Instance-E 2021-08-01-16:20:00
Instance-… Datetime of last data

Hi @mattdb8a

Prometheus is very good at this out-of-the-box. Check out the up{} label auto-generated when Prometheus scrapes a target
. Here is a very common pattern in Grafana:

Health status:
Prometheus + stat panel + up{} query + last calculation + value mapping

You can see the panel below in action on our official sandbox.

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