Data is present, but not available for the current timestamp

  • Grafana Version 8.2.2 , OS Windows 10

  • I want to display the latest data in the table panel and stat panel.

  • I have enabled the instant button in table panel and for stat panel, I have selected “Last” in value options.

  • The data is present but it is not coming in current timestamp.
    For example: “5.8 Degree” is present at 11.20AM
    Current Time 11.21AM, Data is not present.

  • Latest data should be displayed in panels.

  • I am having the scrape interval and scrape timeout as 300s for its job exporter in prometheus.yml file.

  • Not received any errors in the Grafana UI or in related logs.

  • I didnt follow any online instructions.

so Prometheus is scraping this job every 300 seconds, aka every 5 minutes? Sounds like that data just isn’t in Prometheus yet? Right?

It happens even in 10th minute @mattabrams.
At 10th minute also for eg 11.20am docker is started. At 11.30am, we are having data at 11.29am but not at 11.30am