Creating Singlestat panel to also report unresponsive hosts

I am new to Grafana and in our lab, I set up Grafana along with InfluxDB for the time series db and Telegraf for the metrics collection. This is in eventual support for an HPC cluster which may have up to 100 hosts. What management would like to see is a grid or layout of the hosts being monitored (one block per host) with color-coding, where green/yellow/red indicate the CPU load on the host, and black (or other color) to indicate the host is down.

I’m tooling around with a Singlestat panel for this purpose, but running into two problems:

  1. Seems I cannot get the hosts to appear in a grid-like form; only one block appears. I’m sure there’s an easy explanation for this but I am having trouble figuring out
  2. How to I configure the Singlestat panel to indicate that a host is down?