Table time column override default dates

Grafana 8.5.3

I have a table with MongoDB data source. It returns a few properties including some time properties. There are 0 dates (Unix default) and I do not want to show them as 1970 year etc.

First I added 2 transformations.

  1. Convert to number so dates are in Unix format
  2. Convert to time to see normal Dates
    This was done to fix issue with 0 columns and to show user friendly normal Date.
    However I can’t understand how to override 1970 year cells to put there either some string like ‘N/A’ or empty the cell.

Is it possible to achieve for my table?

Welcome @tatr

Please share a sample mongo doc structure with bogus data

Hey I can’t share the data. But the issue is simply with date field that can be 0