Grafana 7.0 datetime table columns

i am using a table panel over mysql grafana v7.0.0

datetime columns are not being formatted and are being displayed as is
(without applying timezone settings)

i saw this note,
Note: The time fields are not affected by field configuration options or overrides.

is datetime formatting not supported currently ?
is there an alternative method to handle this.


This has been logged as an issue here but as of yet it has not been marked as a bug by the devs. I am assuming it’s a bug as the old table panel worked o.k. with date/time formatting…

Until this is fixed I think your options are to either use the old table panel (existing panels using the old version of the table panel should still be o.k. so you can copy/paste those if you want a new one).

Or you can select from MySQL using DATE_FORMAT (and/or other timezone functions likes CONVERT_TZ) but that does mean the date is output as text so the table sorting will no longer sort on date, it will just be doing an alphanumeric sort (which still may work if you output YYYY-MM-DD etc.)