Where to find Column Styles - Option in Grafana v7.0.0, was there in v6.8.x

Hello All,

I was using Grafana v6.8.x and upgraded to v7.0.0. I had few of my panel visualization displaying as time series table format. In Grafana v6.8.x, I was able to format my date column with YYYY-MM-DD. But after upgrading to v7.0.0 I am not able to format the same data.

Also, when I open my panel displaying timeseries data in tabular format, the column styles are showing but in visualization the table option is not selected though which I selected in v6.8. If I select table then the column style is gone from Panel tab.

Below are the screenshots of the issue:

Grafana v7.0 - Where can i select the date format as YYYY-MM-DD

Panel developed in Grafana v6.8 when opened in v7.0.0, I can see the column styles option under Panel which is not supported or showing in v7.0.0

How can I set the column styles for a column in v7.0.0 like I used to set with v6.8.x. For example, a column of Date type with Date format as YYYY-MM-DD?

Please help!


It should be done via the Overrides tab so you should be able Add overeide select your field, then click Add override property select Unit then choose Date & Time and then choose/enter a date format.

However, this does not work in v7.0.0. I see now v7.0.1 has now been released. Hopefully it is fixed in that release but I have not tried yet.

Just updated to 7.0.1 and it still seems to be a bug in that release. Looking at the issue tracker here I can see it’s now hopefully due for the future 7.0.2 release.

Hi @codlord,

Thanks for your time and input. I will track the issue tracker as well and will update the Grafana as well.