Table panel thresholds and text


Possibly a very quick question to answer but I’m trying to use the table panel and I want to set up row colouring, however the value I want to base my colouring on is text (up, down) and not a number. I figured using ‘up,down’ as the threshold would work but the result was no colouring at all and I’ve tried using value-to-text to change this in to a number then entering a threshold to match but the panel still has no colour. I’d rather this remain text as something saying ‘Down’ in regards to network monitoring is self-explanatory as opposed to a number.

I’m running Grafana 5.3.1 so I’m up to date as far as I know. Is there anything I’m doing wrong at all?

Many thanks in advance!

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Did you find any solution for your issue yet?

Greetings bbo

Is there any information according to this question?

Well, how about putting numbers (eg: 0 = down, 1 = up; or 0 = fail, 1 = warn,
2 = OK) into your data store, and then using Grafana’s Value Mapping feature
to convert them to words?

That way you still get the words, and the colouring will work by threshold as