Table Panel rounding down after 15 digits to zero

Hi all, first post here!

I’m trying to figure out why a Table panel formatted as Table is taking a 20 digit ICCID value and seemingly rounding it down?



FWIW: Column Width is set to 32.

Also something to note that if I download the CSV file, the value is correct in there.

Any ideas appreciated, thanks! :smiley:

So I’m guessing it thinks it’s a number, and just can’t handle such large numbers. Is there a way to force it to interpret the data as a string?

In the actual panel, the data does show up as being interpreted as a string in the raw data, but somewhere between that and being displayed on the Table Panel, it gets converted into a number as well and gets truncated/rounded.

Okay! I found a solution :smiley: After trying just about everything, I found that using an override and displaying the cell as JSON View it displays the raw value :sunglasses:

I had the same problem and you can enforce the String type via overriding the column then selecting Unit and then Misc → String. That would display the value as string and padding would be removed.

This applies to new table panel that comes with version 7 and higher.