Table Panel column not sorting number values

Trying to get a number value to sort correctly in a Table Panel, but numbers are being sorted as though they are string values–screenshot:

Using SimpleJSON datasource, whose output looks like this snippet:

[{"columns":[{"text":"Affected Users","type":"number"},{"text":"Application","type":"string"},{"text":"As of Date","type":"time"},{"text":"Crash","type":"number"},{"text":"CrashFree Sessions","type":"string"},{"text":"CrashFree Users","type":"string"},{"text":"Device Region","type":"string"},{"text":"Duration","type":"string"},{"text":"_id","type":"string"}],"rows":[["2","XXXX","2018-5-03 00:00:00","2","99.95%","99.7%","iOS_US","Last_30_Days","XXXXXX"]...

Please, am I doing something incorrectly with the data or the configuration in the panel? Many thanks.

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The source of the numbers are in string format so that’s why they’re sorted that way.

If you find this feature really helpful I would suggest you to open a feature request issue.