Table panel on Grafana using ElasticSearch

Forgive me for asking (perhaps) the same / similar question here, but I’ve read some of the questions, but they didn’t get answered, so here I am asking the question again.

And it’s only less than 2 months since I’ve learned and played around with ELK stack and then Grafana, so please bare with me if the question sounds stupid.

What am I using currently?
Grafana version : grafana-6.4.4 (Under Windows)
Elasticsearch version : ElasticSearch 6.7.2 (Under CentOS)

The case that I currently face is, I need to show a table from a membership data where it will list the top 10 / 5 (or any preset number) members with the most points.
Of course I will need to pick few fields along.

More or less I need something like this:

memberid | firstname | lastname | points
312314     John        Wick       9999
543534     Jane        Doe        8740
829473     Brad        Pitt       7254
757435     Ralph       Jameson    6342

I tried to play with the Lucene query but still couldn’t find a proper way to do this.
As far as I know, the metric it’s only for numeric data type.
So, it won’t work for my case since it contains fields with text / string value.

In comparison, I found that it was easier to do something like this on Kibana, and it was definitely easier if you’re using SQL, I also tried using PostgreSQL as data source on Grafana.

I am not sure if Grafana - ElasticSearch can support this or not. So for now, I will accept any kind of suggestions or approaches as how am I going to do this.
Thank you and I’ll appreciate any help.


Just checking if anyone can at least give a pointer as what to do from here, I’ll be grateful.


I havent tried, but might help this.

Thank you for your help, I will take a look at it later.