Table of annotations in Grafana 7

Hi, I’m trying to create a table of all annotations matching a certain tag in grafana.

It seems like this could be done using a data transformation in earlier versions (forum post about it), but I am unable to find this option in the list of tranformations in Grafana 7:

Anyone have and idea for how I can accomplish this in Grafana 7?

Wanted to ask before I consider making a bug/feature-request over at github.

PS: I was unable to make a new topic in the “Table Panel” Support sub-topic. Seems like others have had the same problem too from the replies in the pinned “About” topic there

Best regards!

I would try alpha Annotation List Panel. Of course you need to enable alpha features in the config first.

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Thanks! I’ll try this =)

Thanks! The annotation list panel was exactly what I was looking for =)