Displaying annotations within a table panel

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I have a dashboard with a graph panel that has some manually added annotations (via Ctrl + LMB). The annotations do show up within the graph panel, as expected. Now I’d like to display them not only within the graph panel, but in another table panel that lists those annotations.

According to the official documentation ht tp:// docs.grafana.org/reference/table_panel/#annotations (Sorry for mangling the link, but I’m told to be only allowed 2 links per post) this seems to be possible, but it’s unclear to me on how to achieve this. It simply says:

If you have annotations enabled in the dashboard you can have the table show them. If you configure this mode then any queries you have in the metrics tab will be ignored.

With a screenshot that seems like just the thing I want:

I used the following steps trying to list the annotations:

  1. Add a graph panel
  2. Add annotations to this graph panel (via Ctrl + LMB)
  3. Add a table panel
  4. Edit the table panel to display annotations choosing Table > Options > Data > Table Transform > Annotations (as instructed by the docs)
  5. Make sure there are annotations within the current time slice and Annotations and alerts is checked (box on the top left)

Still I don’t see any annotations listed within the table. What am I doing wrong?

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Is there anybody that already could get the table in the image to work? If so, can you please try to help me?


Managed to get it working oddly by setting up a query

on a tag… without a tag… no results!

This is what it looks like:

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Is there anyway to display the start AND END time of a region annotation?! This is pretty critical on our end and makes sense for a region to have more than just one time stamp but I can’t figure it out. Please help!


Is it possible to display in the table also the notes that go ‘outside’ the display range?
Es. if I have a time window set to Today and I have a note from 2 days ago, can it be displayed in the table?