Table in Grafaha V7: Multiline cell records

Hello, we are assessing if we can utilize Grafana for compliance reporting, hence true/false data. In the previous version of Grafana I was able to maintain the formatting (new line characters) in table cells for evidence data. In V7 everything is one line (long string) that does not allow me to see all “evidence” data.
Is there a way to maintain the multiline strings in a table cell?

I don’t think so at the moment. My personal view is the new v7 table panel is a downgrade of features in a lot of ways over the previous v6 table panel as well as having several bugs (although I am sure bugs will be fixed over time).

Luckily you can still use the old table panel in v7 which is what I am doing until (I hope) in the future the new panel is given all the features of the old table panel.

If you still have dashboards with old (v6) table panels you can continue to use them and just cut/paste an existing one if you need more.

thank you codlord. I’m in the process of reinstalling a V6 instance to re-create the dashboards and move them over to the V7 instance … it’s a pitty.

@jayemce do you not have any old table panels on your upgraded v7 installation?

For me, I upgraded Grafana from v6 to v7, all existing table panels remained as they were (running old v6 table panel within Grafana v7). If I create a new table panel it’s a v7 table panel. So I just copy/paste one of my old table panels. No need to reinstall Grafana v6 or anything like that, this is all on Grafana v7.

I had, but not anymore, that’s my problem. Things like “value to text”, coloring, etc. is quite difficult to recode into “table-old” without the old panels. therefore my additional v6 instance.