Grafana Table span

Hi guys,

So currently I am pulling in data and outputting it in the form of a table. However, there is quite a bit of information being pulled across for each section of information which does not fit in a single row (a single line) where the end of the text is being cut off at the end. Is there any way to change the column height, so that a single table cell can have multiple lines of information being portrayed?

Thank you!

If you are using Grafana v7 you could try using the old table panel from v6 - although the new v7 table panel has some good features, it is missing lots of features that were in the v6 panel.

Edit your panel JSON and change:
"type": "table"
"type": "table-old"

That will change the panel version (you can always change back). That may handle wrapping differently and solve your problems, if not you could try the Sanitize HTML option on a column and then use html tags within your output to format text or insert newlines however you want.

Awesome! Thank you for your help!