Table panel and text wrap

I’m using Grafana 8.2.3, and display log data with a table panel.
And for sure, some log messages are longer than the panel width.
I couldn’t find an option to enable a text wrap behavior.
According to GitLab #25623 this is a feature which

  • was available in 6.x
  • was removed in 7.x
  • had been requested by many users

What is the status of this apparently old story ?

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You could try using the old table panel which is what I do as I think it is a much better panel and it is still available in Grafana 8. See here:

@codlord , thanks for the hint.
But with Grafana 8.2.3 that doesn’t seem to work, I get


And table-old is also not available as plugin.
It seems, one is now forced into current table which lacks (not only on my opinion) essential functionality.

@wfjm I don’t know for sure but I don’t think the table-old has been removed in any v8 (at least not yet). It’s still in the github repository, nothing in any of the v8 release notes I could find either.

I am using v8.1.5 and I can still successfully change:
"type": "table",
"type": "table-old",
at the panel level or at the dashboard level and it works fine.

Another user on the forum said recently that they got an error changing it at the panel level but it worked when changing it at the dashboard level. But as I said, both work for me.

I don’t want to update to a newer Grafana version before I 100% confirm table-old still works as my dashboards rely on table-old, I cannot replicate my current panels with the new table panel so it would be a breaking change for me.

On my linux install I can see I have the files for both plugins here. Do you see the same?:

I just looked at the contents of the latest v8.3.3 .deb package file and the table-old files ARE still present. That’s not conclusive proof it still works of course as something else may have changed (intentionally or by mistake) to stop table-old working.

Possibly it could be related to this issue reported here?

Yes, table old is somehow still around.
It is listed in the Plugin list as Table (old) and build-in core component.
However, it doesn’t appear in the panel visualization selection list.
From all I conclude, that old panels might still work when they stay untouched.
But everything else beyond that is hackery and a waste of time.

The only way to make progress here is to re-iterate this in the associated issue

Unfortunately, in Grafana 8 they removed annotations support from table-old. More precisely, they replaced old annotations engine with stubs, and haven’t moved table-old to the new engine.