Table cell with gauge - charts not aligning between rows


The problem is simple, I’ve got a table panel with a bunch of percentage gauges in it, as of now, it looks like this:

I don’t like the size of the gauges depending on the number of digits as it results in the gauges not being aligned.
note that this happens only with a fixed maximum value (Standard Options → Max), if the value is not set the charts will align perfectly, but their “relative” max value will make them incoherent anyway

I think this might count as a layout issue, but I wanted to “solve” it by always having 2 digits but I see no way to use a custom formatting string logically equivalent to a Format(value,'00').

Here is the override configuration


  • is there a way to have a custom number formatting? (afaik no)
  • is there a way to make the gauges align?

I’m using Grafana v8.2.1


Hi @trovalo

thanks for starting this topic. I would categorize this as a small UI bug / enhancement. I would use the info from this topic to fill out the issue template in the repo and start a proper bug report:

I’ll have a look at the issues and if I don’t see it I’ll open it myself.


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afaik there is no solution.

I’ve opened an issue about it:

and in the meanwhile I’ve found another one:

@mattabrams you can mark this post as closed (or solved even if “solved” does not sound that fitting)

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