Table cell val as variable to another dashboard where table name is a viaria

I have 2 Dashboard A and B.
Dashboard A has table which contains an ip. i have a table which contains ip in table name.
For Ex. if ip is 10.10.x.y table name will be mon_10_10_x_y

my query is:
how can i use variabe in Dashboard A to access the table in Dashboard B.
Dashboard A contains a table which has a column name as ip containg the ip (format 10.10.x.y)


You need to use data links in your panel in Dashboard A and add a link that goes to your Dashboard B with a variable. Your data link will look like this: <dashboard B url>?orgId=1&var-<dashboard B variable>=${__data.fields[ip]}

You have documentation on Data Links to help you add one and documentation on how to use variables in Data Link.

I hope it will help you!