Table Cell link, can not send variables correctly to linked dashboard

Spining around on this topic and I have no idea how to solve it.

Using Grafana v7.3.4 (14c494085e)

I have MSSQL datasource and two dashboards with almost same variables.
I want to cell link from first (D1) table panel to second (D2) passing the variables used in D1 to D2.

The variables are multi value and used in the where clause of the MSSQL query of D1 and D2.


When I select two values (“Server1” and “Server2”) in D1 for “Host” variable I get the correct formatting in the D1 query:

“WHERE host in ( ${hostfilter} )” parses to “WHERE host in (‘Server1’,‘Server2’)” --> OK

Then when I use the D1 cell link in a table panel I use:


It generates the link


And then it format the variables into the D2 query like:

“WHERE host in ( ${hostfilter} )” parses to "WHERE host IN (’’‘Server1’’,’‘Server2’’’) --> BAD (doubled quotes)

If I use other variable formatting types I don’t get better results:

Default --> WHERE host IN (’{Server1,Server2}’) --> BAD
Raw --> WHERE host IN (‘Server1,Server2’) --> BAD

So anyone knows how to correctly format those variables?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi all, someone with a tip or trick? I’m still trying to get this working but no luck so far.