Synthetics Free Tier update already in affect?


  1. Did anyone else get an email from Grafana Labs stating that there is are new limits for Synthetics coming into effect in December?
  2. Any of you have that limit applied to an account that already existed?

The new limit was applied to my account at the start of last month without warning. Last month I contacted support who as a favour reset the usage count so that Synthetics would work again and I significantly adjusted my usage so that it wouldn’t reach the limit in a month. When I received the email about the changes, I contacted support again who acknowledged that the new limit is in place on my account but don’t want to admit the mistake, apologise or correct it. Anyone else experiencing this frustration?

I’ve only had a good experience from the support team in the past and am grateful for being able to use the service to monitor the non-profit I work for, but I’m not happy with how this situation has been handled. If I can’t find help here, I guess I’ve exhausted all my options for appealing to have this corrected.

How do you know that you are not reaching current limits? How your “Synthetics Test Executions by day” graph in billing dashboard looks like?

By “current limits” you mean volume of metrics and logs? I can see from my billing dashboard that I’m not exceeding those limits. According to the email from Grafana Labs, from December the limits will be 100k Synthetics Test Executions for existing accounts. I assume any new Grafana Cloud accounts will have the new limit from day 1.

However members from billing and technical support team at Grafana acknowledge that the 100k Synthetics Test Execution limit has already in place on my account and has impacted me since 1 May.

You may reaching current synth limits:

Don’t trust anyone (me included) - verify that. Please post “Synthetics Test Executions by day” graph from billing dashboard - that billing dashboard has many metrics, which may help you to prove state before and now. So prove it first, pls.

I need proved it to myself and Grafana Labs, not you. 100,000 test executions per month is the new limit on my account, not test executions per day. Its actually around 3,225 test executions per day.

Also that limit according to Grafana Labs is not in effect, so I don’t see why being in breach of it in the past (I was but am not longer) has anything to do with this conversation.


Correct, community doesn’t have access to your account, so I’m closing this topic. Community can’t help you with this problem.