No Data from Synthetic Monitoring

I’ve had Synthetic Monitoring working. Then I needed to switch the URLs. Then I was no longer getting any data.

I opened a ticket and support let me disabled/re-enable the plugin. I even re-created the check. I was still not getting any data.

Then I left if disabled for a few hours. Now it seems to be working again - I guess. Fingers crossed.

Anyone that has some long-term experience with the service? This isn’t really very re-assuring and feels really buggy.

Hi @tcurdt ,

This might have been because of an issue with Synthetic Monitoring yesterday depending on the timing when you updated or re-created the check.

All existing checks continued to function as expected and any updates were stored, but the service had problems sending check updates to the probes.

Hopefully everything has been functioning as expected after this was resolved.

Thanks for reaching out!

Hey Brad,

thanks for the response.
I changed the URL on Sat. And it wasn’t working until yesterday.