Cannot initialize Synthetic Monitoring Plugin

Hi, not sure how much detail I need to give to describe situation, but just that synthetic monitoring agent is installed locally in one linux computer, all reporting back to grafana cloud dashboard, all works fine until a few weeks ago i needed to add some checks and noticed the left sidebar had one of those placeholder icons for the synthetic monitoring app (screenshots below), and then when i go initialize the plugin to get into the checks, it gives the error.
I tried uninstalling to reinstall, but then get an error saying the instance is pre-provisioned… no idea how to just get this plugin reinstalled and able to let me configure it again… any help or direction to where i can follow procedure to fix this would be appreciated.


Since I can only put 2 embedded objects in a post, I have to post this one separately:


hmm… after i updated the agent on the linux box last night, now the grafana cloud dashboard and plugin on the site works… i am confused since my plugin at the computer level has nothing to do with the plugin initializing at the website level… or is this incorrect…

Hello! You are correct on that last point, updating the agent should not have any interaction with the Synesthetic Monitoring plugin. Perhaps the SM plugin was updated when the hosted Grafana instance restarted? The instance restarts whenever a plugin is installed/removed or other changes are made to the Grafana environment. If you still notice issues, I recommend opening a support ticket so the team can confirm everything is functioning as expected!

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