Error in synthetic Monitoring

am trying to connect synthetic monitoring in my local grafana, i have setup grafana cloud still am getting this error.

Hi @rajeshcherry, I’m sorry that’s crashing! Can you tell me which version of the plugin you have installed and which version of grafana you’re using locally?

It looks like the plugin had trouble setting up the dashboards during the setup process. One thing you might try would be to navigate to the Config view of the plugin, and click in the import/update button next to the dashboards in the list.

Hi @rdubrock version of the synthetic-monitoring plugin is v1.2.2
my local grafana version is v7.0.5
yaa ok sure i will try with that

Hi @rajeshcherry ,

Synthetic monitoring plugin versions past 1.0 aren’t backwards compatible with Grafana 7. I’d suggest installing v0.10.2 with Grafana 7.0.5, or upgrading to Grafana 8 if that’s a possibility.

Hi @rdubrock
I tried synthetic monitoring in my local grafana 8.0.3
still im getting the same error

Grafana 8.1.0 stable is release now, can you please try with Grafana 8.1.0?