Synthetic Monitoring Plugin Initialization Error

Hey Grafana team!

I got a problem when initializing the Synthetic monitoring plugin in a local instance (it’s on kubenetes). I found this post Synthetic monitoring on local grafana instance - #12 by sureshpalanisamy really helpful, so basically I followed all the steps there

The plugin version I’m using is 0.10.2, and grafana is 7.5.1. The two data sources (prometheus and Loki) were set up manually in Grafana console, and they’re in green when testing. And here’s my provision file for the sm plugin:

apiVersion: 1

      - type: grafana-synthetic-monitoring-app
        name: grafana-synthetic-monitoring-app
        disabled: false
          stackId: 412137
            grafanaName: grafanacloud-apigatewaydev-logs
            hostedId: 261476
            grafanaName: grafanacloud-apigatewaydev-prom
            hostedId: 525012
          publisherToken: eyJrIj.........

Here’s the page looks like now:

But after I clicked the “monitor your system” button, there’s no change to the page, and there’s a 404 record in the browser console:

Request URL:
Request Method: GET
Status Code: 404 

Could you help me with it? Many thanks!

Hi @boyiyu ! I’m not sure if you are still working on this, but if so can you confirm that the API keys you are using are Grafana Cloud API keys? The Grafana HTTP API is a separate system and the Synthetic Monitoring requires Grafana Cloud API keys for authentication.

Thank you for replying! It turned out I should use a newer version of Grafana and plugin. But we’re not considering use Grafana synthetic monitoring since security guys don’t like it

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Gotcha, no worries! Glad to know what the issue was. Perhaps something like GitHub - prometheus/blackbox_exporter: Blackbox prober exporter might be a good alternative?