Synology grafana

Hello Community,

I have Grafana (Graph) which contains some graphs (server-monitoring - firewall monitoring)

I wonder if there is a possibility to supervise my synology NAS through Grafana, indeed, I want to add some graphs for the supervision of my synology NAS to my grafana (already installed) ?

If you have any instructions or blogs to follow please share them with me


Grafana can display data from a number of different data sources:

If you can get whatever it is you want to measure / monitor about your
Synology NAS into one of those data sources, Grafana can display it for you.

Grafana itself does not measure or monitor anything - it simply displays data
which has been put into a data source by some other program / script /


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I thank you for your quick answer.

Can you suggest me some blogs to follow or some instructions to achieve this result?


Well, a Google search for “Grafana Synology NAS” shows me:

I hope those give you some useful guidance.


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Thanks for sharing Antony !!