Cassandra datasource for Grafana


I want to create Grafana dashboards using data stored in a Cassandra database.
I don’t want to monitor a Cassandra database.
I don’t find any Cassandra datasource in your plugin list.
Is there a way to have Grafana dashboards using Cassandra data ? Do we have to create our own plugin ?

Currently no Cassandra data source for Grafana exists and we do not have any plans to build one in the near future. I have also not heard of anyone else who is planning to build one. The next two sql data sources (I presume we are talking about CQL here) that will be worked on are Postgres and Oracle.

(There are lots of timeseries dbs that build on Cassandra but that’s not the same thing).

Can we use kairosdb datasbource to generate reports of data stored in cassandra ?
I am trying to understand if Grafana can prepare similar reports/graphs like Splunk ? or Is it only for database monitoring?


Grafana is not just for monitoring but its focus is Time Series data. If the data you are storing in Cassandra is time series data, then yes Grafana could a good choice for visualizing that.

I’m not sure exactly what your scenario is. If the reason you are saving time series data in Cassandra is due to large volumes then you should take a look at MetricTank.

If you just want to visualize some data then maybe KairosDB will work.

There is a PR for Cassandra support that we did not merge (trying to keep core Grafana lean and small): We are going to introduce backend plugins in the near future and then this could be used (or you could run a fork of Grafana with this PR).


Thank you for the detailed response.

  1. Metric Tank - Thanks for pointing this out. But we are not looking at moving the database right now.

  2. To visualize the cassandra data is our priority.

I have uploaded some data on the cassandra database on my local, and have configured kairos db with cassandra.

How do I explore the data from grafana with the kairosdb datasource? Can you please point to a tutorial for this. Please excuse my ignorance, I could not find one

The Kairos plugin is an external plugin that is barely being maintained it seems. It used to be part of core Grafana a few years ago so the only docs I could find for it are from version 3 of Grafana:

Here is a recent blog post from someone using Kairos db with Grafana:

Are there are any specific problems you are having? Have you got a working data source setup in Grafana?

Sorry for the long delay in responding, and thanks for the link.

I have set up a working datasource in Grafana. But my problem is this.

I have created few tables in cassandra database. How do I access each table from Grafana, and illustrate the data? Thanks again .

There is no support in Grafana for reading directly from Cassandra and there is no plugin for it either.

You have two options:

  • use the Simple Json Data Source and build a little backend api that reads from Cassandra.
  • as I already said above:

There is a PR for Cassandra support that we did not merge (trying to keep core Grafana lean and small): … you could run a fork of Grafana with this PR.

Thanks again.

I shall try to work with an existing data source, and see if it works as per our requirements.
Depending on that , we can decide on migrating the data to a supported database or building a data source for cassandra.

Try this one we had a very big success with it

Hello, You mentionned Oracle as data source for time series, do you have any update?

thank you for the job done!

You can try this out.

There are any news for a cassandra connector? Thanks!

There is Work-in-Progress on the Cassandra DataSource, feel free to participate and create some issues (or better pull requests :wink: )