How can I push Cassandra Metrics to Postgres

HI All,

I would like configure Grafana for Our Cassandra Cluster monitoring and planning to use Postgres as backend DB for Metrics Capture. Do anyone have any templates/tools I can use for this configuration to push metrics from My Cassandra node to Postgres DB?

Ramesh Ch.


Is there any reason you dont want to directly connect to cassandra from grafana using cassandra plugin?

Hi Yosiasz,

Yea we want metrics to be stored in a DB Table not a text file.
If there is a way we can store Cassandra metrics in Same node we can go with the Plugin. Any suggestions on it pls?

Ramesh Ch.

Have you checked out this resource as a possible solution

What does the text files in cassandra look like?

HI Yosiasz,

Grafana Cassandra Plugin fetches the Metrics from a table right. How the Metrics can be stored in a table is the challenging part to us.
Will you help me with that please if any existing process available?

Ramesh Ch.

Not really a grafana issue but maybe you can leverage a cassandra rest api if one exists

Or use telegraf to read the data from cassandra to influxdb

Or use python to read from cassandra to mysql for example.

Do research on the above recommendations and post back when stuck