Struggling with weekly bar chart and weekday names

Hi all,
I´m using influxQL and want to display a bar chart which shows a bar for every week day.
The bar should be labeled by the name of the day the data was submitted.

As i noticed that this is not easy using influxQL I tried to achieve it by just adding the wording of the current day as a tag to the submitted value. That worked initially:

This is the corresponding table:

and the query is:
SELECT (“income-day”),(“weekday”) FROM “income”
with Transform outer join “Time”

Bar Gauge is configured with $__cell_2 as display name:

However starting today (one week after implementation) the second “Freitag” value does not appear in the dashboard.


Maybe this is completely the wrong way to achive it, so I appreciate every helpful answer.


ok… i got it. what a stupid mistake.
" WHERE $timeFilter " was missing in my query.
Also I set the Limit “Max number of rows to display” to 7, so always the 7 first entries where shown.
Looks good now :slight_smile: