Struggling to get Prometheus to work with Grafana

I am trying to get Prometheus to work with Grafana on my windows 10 machine so that I can monitor my Mikrotik network at home. When I enter in my localhost with the port 9090 I get this error. Post “”: dial tcp i/o timeout - There was an error returned querying the Prometheus API.

I have tried seeing if ports on the mikrotik are using 9090 but there is nothing and I cant change the port for prometheus.

Any suggestions??

Two things:

  • Can you ‘curl’ or otherwise open that URL? This is important to separately check with a browser whether that host/port is open. If it is, it might be a grafana problem. If it fails, it’s probably an issue with your configuration of prometheus.
  • Just double checking but are you sure that IP is right? That’s an internal reserved IP address, and it’s common to see but not so common to see 10.1. It could be right, just something I noticed.

FWIW for the Mikrotik there’s a different dedicated prometheus exporter & set of grafana dashboards over here which might help depending on what you have flexibility to do.