How to add Linux Server connection on self-hosted grafana

How to add Linux Server connection on self-hosted grafana

what are you trying to visualize

Cpu / ram and traffic usage of my linux server

you cant do it directly. you need to export these values
check this out.

I installed prometheus and node exporter succesfully and its works. But I can’t add it to grafana. I get this error.
Post “http://ip:1027/api/v1/query”: dial tcp ip:1027: i/o timeout - There was an error returned querying the Prometheus API.

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Please checkout the doco on prometheus with grafana

I think its for older version of grafana. There is no access type selection on add data source => prometheus

keep searching in the documentation

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I think you didn’t understand me. I want take metrics of my another server to grafana and see it on graph. I installed node exporter to target server. I installed prometheus to my grafana’s server and when I look this docs = Grafana | Prometheus

there is should be

access type selection. But Its not.

Why are you using port 1027?

bcuz its Pterodactyl Panel. Its like vm but a little bit weird than vms

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Its shouldn’t make problem I think. or is it?

what do you see when you go to

looks like this

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so things are working but there is a timeout issue. you need to sort that out with your hosting company? Does not seem to be a grafana issue.

where is grafana installed? Same hosting company or grafana cloud?

all softwares and vms in datacenter there are my own servers. Its no local communication issues. I double checked that.

look for that error in github etc

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wait I think I found issue. BRB

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The issue is => I use Docker version of Promethus and I relaized ip:1027/api/v1 isn’t responde. I tried install promethus to same server with node exporter and test it with grafana ip/api/v1 is respond succesfully. I think its docker issue. THX for help <3

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That’s hacking but I like it :smile: