Error reading Prometheus dial tcp: lookup Prometheus: no such host

while adding datasouce getting below mentioned error, please do need full.

Error reading Prometheus: Post “http://Prometheus:9090/api/v1/query”: dial tcp: lookup Prometheus: no such host

“Prometheus: no such host”.

Thay’s a pretty clear error message, I think.

You have no machine which your Grafana server can find by the name of

That means it isn’t on your local DNS server, and it isn’t in the Grafana
machine’s /etc/hosts file.

Trying using its IP address instead?


thank you for responses. After adding server details getting different error

Error reading Prometheus: Post “”: dial tcp i/o timeout

You have to give http://localhost:9090 in URL and test it. It will Work.

Sorry to resurrect a dead thread but this resolved the issue for me so leaving it here in case others find it useful.

If you’re following the grafana fundatmentals tutorial, http://prometheus:9090 should work as the url for you datasource. Run docker ps to check if tutorial-environment_prometheus_1 is running.

For me it was not and running docker-compose down and then docker-compose up -d resolved the error so I could explore the datasource in grafana.