Strange graph visualization


I have faced a problem that one line in graph has strange visualization.
Graph collects data from 3x different data sources (with influx 1.4.2) with interval 1m
And every 5 min there is gap.

Can someone can help to solve this issue?

Grafana v6.6.0, issue was on older releases too.


Show your query.

Try to set 1m for min time interval

If that doesn’t help then what does it look like if you zoom in?

You can visualize it by changing the time interval from visualization style set time interval 1. Second thing just zoom that specific time which you want to see.

Hi, to visualize i use built in counters, query is: SELECT sum(“m021c000”) FROM “counter_m021” WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time(1m)

Tried to set “Min time interval” to 1m but it doesn’t helped.

When zoom in it looks like this:

Are there any other suggestions?


Is the raw data into the db once a minute? If so are all the samples present and exactly on 1 minute intervals? Show us some of the raw data from the db around the glitches.