Strange display of decimal places in the legend

After switching to version 7, on all graphs with small units and large values, the legend began to show inconvenient values.
Sorry for my English. I’ll try to explain in the pictures.

In previous versions, on the legend, the underlined value with the same settings would be displayed as - 3GB
How can I fix the situation?

I can confirm I have the same issue. Tried playing with the legend settings but nothing seemed to work.

For my linux load graphs it seems to be working, everything else its broken. Sometimes clearing the number of decimals shown will change the decimals down to just 3. That is more than I want but better than the many I am getting even when specifying 0,1,2,etc

I also have same issue after the update. Any workaround?

Same thing here, been getting this ever since the 7 beta. Only in the Legend, and only in some areas, particularly bandwidth.

I can confirm that, very annoying. Fixed in version 7.0.1

I was having this issue on 7.0.1. Just upgraded to 7.0.3_beta and still seeing the issues on my legends.