Liter value after 1000 Liter is rounding up as 1K on legend bar

I am watching 24h water consuption on of water meters. On legend bar total value is shown as with 3 decimal value but after 1000 liter it is rounding up to as 1kL, I want to see current total value not rounding value. Can you add a option to enable or disable for rounding?

Edit that specific panel and navigate to visualization style. You will see that Y axis by default unit is short . Change unit from short to none.

There are a couple of workarounds which might work for you:

  1. From 6.6 Grafana supports custom units, if you just assign the custom unit “L” to the data it should remain unabbreviated (write L in the units field and scroll to the bottom to the Custom unit: L option).
  2. If you set the decimals option to 3 you’ll get enough decimals to be able to see the total number of liters, with the disadvantage that you’ll always have 3 decimals.

Thanks @ emiltullstedt, it solved my request :clap: