Statusmap not displaying

Hi all,

Anyone else having a problem with the Statusmap visualization plug-in in the last few days? Mine just shows a blank panel now. If I go into edit mode it shows the same until I click to select the Statusmap visualization again and then it displays like it should. BUT exiting back to the dashboard causes it to go blank again whether I save the change or not.

Statusmap v0.3.2 Up to date
Grafana Version 7.2.0

I have the same issue. Grafana 7.2 and Statusmap 0.3.2. I use this extension for a critical monitoring task and right now it is showing a blank screen. Editing it and going to the query panel causes it to show no query data. I cannot even get it to show up temporarily as the previous commenter.

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I appreciate the corroboration. I just found that a 0.3.3 exists. Looking up how to update it…

Never mind. Same issue.

I also installed it but it still showed as 0.3.2 - not sure it is an actual newer release.

I just took a look through the 3.3 code and it still identifies as 3.2. And that the update isn’t “properly” published makes it seem the developer isn’t very serious. I’m not aware of a viable alternative.

On my Ubuntu server I did a:

apt-get install grafana=7.1.5

and it is working again. Clearly something in 7.2 broke the plugin. For me I am sticking with Grafana 7.1.5 until the plugin developer fixes his code.

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I’ll stay with 7.2 for awhile and see if the dev fixes it. But it’s good to know you found a solution that works for you. :+1:

Seems like v0.3.4 fixes it for me.

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Me too. Thanks for the heads up.