Statusmap alternative?

Does anyone know of an alternative for the statusmap visualization? When it’s up to date it does exactly what I want but it seems to orphaned, more or less.

hello and welcome to the forums, there is no other alternative implementation of statusmaps.

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Thank you.

Obviously not what I want to hear but thanks for confirming.

Or try to find another panel which fits your need Grafana Plugins - extend and customize your Grafana. | Grafana Labs

Another option will be to fork that panel project and fix the problems, which you have.

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Thanks for the pointer but I don’t feel Discrete is close enough.

Yeah, I’ve considered that and it may be what I have to do. I just need to figure out what changed in Grafana to cause statusmap to break.

Hi @losinit,
Not sure what kind of issues you’ve encountered but our data scientists also use Flant Statusmap.
I did an update to Grafana version 7.4.3 and that caused issues with Statusmap version 0.3.2. On Github you will find the latest version 0.4.1. You’ll have to manually install this plugin version but then it will work again seamlessly with Grafana 7.4.3.
Hope this helps!

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Indeed it does. I looked for a newer version but it wasn’t there at the time so thanks for the heads-up!

EDIT: This page Statusmap plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs still shows the older version as current and that is where I looked for the update. I’d nudge the author to update this page if I had a github account. Might be a good reason to get one.

Hi Steven, I was referring to the Github page: GitHub - flant/grafana-statusmap: Grafana panel plugin to visualize status of multiple objects over time. On the right side of the page you see the releases versions.
Indeed it is odd that when you do a ```
grafana-cli plugins ls

That should do it!