State time line inconsistent timestamp (missing values) - Not really Gantt equivalent

Win10, Grafana OSS v9.1.5

I have been trying to achieve this Logs event with durations, with the highest hope going to Gantt Chart, but didn’t achieve what I need and kind of admitted defeated.

Thought I would post here possibly to see if I need to report some bugs or feature request, or simply to move on. Still not sure how the state timeline 's dataset and code work. From observations, my understanding is that the chart is rendered based on the next available timestamp:

I’m having 2 sources. From 8:50 - 9:50 source A (1st row) has no records (i.e. empty cells) - thus I mapped empty values as transparent and ‘idle’.

It shows as ‘idle’ because in the whole table from 8:50 - 9:50, there are timestamps from source B (2nd row) with sourceB’s clicks.

→ Source A kinda display correctly: a click, followed by idle time, followed by logout.


If I omit sourceB, the whole table is this:

and thus, there is no more empty cells & the clicks (or securityAccess as in the table) span from 8:50 - 9:50.


It gives a wrong impression that there have been continuous clicks (or even worse, one click event that lasts 1 hours?) from source A in that whole time, while it’s not.

→ Either it’s a bug …
… Or it’s intended; it’s how state timeline works. If so, there needs to be feature to show the width proportionally with the duration. Or else, state timeline is obviously not a substitute for Gantt Timeline.

Just need a closure on this issue. Many thanks!