Display log events with duration on a timeline

Hi, I’m new to Grafana and haven’t been able to find exact answer to my use case on the community.

I’m using Grafana OSS v9.1.5 on Win10 and postgres v12+

My posgrest DB has one table with a call logs with starting time and a duration of the calls:

I want first to graph the call logs (along with their duration) on a timeline. If the call is long or short, I want to see it indicated in my graph.

I tried state timeline, but I haven’t found anyway to actually graph an event in according to the length of duration of the event.

On another table I have Access events and Login/Logout events. I also want to put these events and the calls events in the same panel.

What is the best solution / links to solution for this? I wonder if other DB would be able to achieve it easily, but if possible, I do want to stick to postgres.