Stat-Plugin and ColorMode

Hello everyone,

I use a “Stat-Plugin” with ColorMode “Value”. The colors change over thresholds.
Is it somehow possible to use the color background with certain values?

If I switch on the ColorMode “Background”, the text color is only white and cannot be changed.

Many greetings

Version: Grafana 8.2.0 Beta

Hi @SteRa

Can you please include screenshots of your panels and how you would like them to look instead?

This should be possible but it’s hard to visualize your problem :+1:

Hi @mattabrams,
but of course! Thanks for the answer.
For example, I would like to see only the number in text mode at value 50 and have a background from value 100 and not just the red number

Is there any possibility there? This is much more noticeable when there are deviations.