Stat panel without gradient background

When I configure threshold colors and set the panel to have the background colored I can see a terrible gradient effect in the background. How to configure the panel not to have that gradient effect?

Please: show us what your configuration is and show us what the result is.


Just set the threshold to a any color and set the color mode to background. See the background color has a gradient effect.

Anyone? Is it not possible to remove the gradient effect?

It’s definitely a bug in my opinion, and is more visible with certain colors (e.g. yellow seems the worst, green seems the least noticeable). Maybe this will be addressed in v8.0.
yellow red green

It’s a side-effect of the new color palette. We will likely need to add a checkbox to disable it.

I wasn’t able to disable it with any of the selections in field options.

Wondering if there is any way to patch this manually and build my instance with the patch? I believe it is not a simple change right?

this plugin has also been pulled out of core grafana into a new repo, you could fork it and rename the id: GitHub - grafana/singlestat-panel: Legacy singlestat panel (WIP!), that would easier than running a fork of grafana.