Stat panel, text color


I recently started migrating my ‘SingleStat’ panels to the new ‘Stat’ panel type. The process is very straightforward, however there is one problem I have with it. The old SingleStat panel would show the text by default in a gray/whitish color, whereas the new stat panel defaults to the ‘base’ threshold color (green). For many of the ‘text’ fields, I would prefer the old gray/white color, as they do not indicate a status of any kind but are purely informational (version numbers etc.).

Other than using the ‘color picker’ and finding the right color - is there a built-in way that I’m not aware of to default back to the gray/white text color of the old SingleStat panel?


Yeah, I was using Grafana 7 and the text was white. Now all my panel texts are black when upgrading to 7.3. It’s really annoying that I can’t change this.