How to remove/disable gradient in background color

Grafana 7.0.5.

I have a panel with Table visualization and I added Cell display mode override to set the Color background for a column.

The override is applied just fine, but the color is added with gradient, though I only chose a plain color from the color picker, and there was no option for gradient there:


Nevertheless, the column has a gradient applied:

Here’s what I see in the page source:

<div class="css-vvkkwd">FAIL</div>
.css-vvkkwd {
	text-overflow: ellipsis;
	white-space: nowrap;
	overflow: hidden;
	background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) linear-gradient(120deg, rgb(239, 25, 32), rgb(242, 73, 92)) repeat scroll 0% 0%;
	color: white;
	height: 33px;
	padding: 6px;

How can I disable this gradient, and is there a way to set “no gradient” option to apply by default for all new color overrides (or colors in general)?

I also have another panel with Table visualization which I created when I was on Grafana 6.x, and it also has a color override for background color, and I used the same color picker and picked the same color, and there it is applied without gradient.


@retifrav , Did you find a solution to this?

Unfortunately, no.
I was hoping that it might be some accidental change/bug/regression, but sadly there is still no reply from developers.