Stat panel: how to show mm:ss

I am getting seconds value in the stat panel. How to display it as mm:ss ?
Custom unit time:mm:ss is not working.

For example the value I have is 75, I want to see 01:15

Anyone? Is it not possible?

It’s not perfect, but…

When my data point (352) unit is Fahrenheit, it looks like this:

and when I switch to duration (hh:mm:ss), it looks like this:

(because 352 seconds = 5 minutes 51 seconds)

That is the issue, I need mm:ss and not HH:mm:ss.

Hi @tzn01,

As you have noticed, there is no default option for returning mm:ss and not HH:mm:ss.

We do, however, have a feature for custom units. The time:<format> option uses Moment.js, and these are the available formats. Unfortunately, I played with some options and I wasn’t able to return mm:ss. Any value over 60 minutes rolls up into the hours.

This is an interesting issue. You can open a feature request if you like.

Also, here’s a related PR that might be of interest

Yeah I mentioned that I tried that too. No luck.