SQL Plugin - Interval

We are using the SQL Plugin.

When trying to run a query with a Group By Interval of 1Month (‘1M’) I get the following error: error parsing interval 1M

But in the documentation it states:

M month

Is this a bug?

Did you manage to solve the problem ?
I have the same …

Nope. I will try file a bug on github.

I tried yesterday, but this is reply from Grafana:

Please direct questions to our [community forums] or [Slack]. We use GitHub issues for bugs or feature requests.

That’s all …

This is a bug! I posted a bug here: https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/23275

We will waiting for answer.

This is not a bug, you are reading on wrong page,
these intervals are for min data point interval, you need read on templating

the allowed values are: m, h and d

We got an answer and a confirmed bug:


Yes, thank You.

Best regards